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Opposition slams CM on SC comment


Opposition leaders slammed Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar for blaming the mining mess in Goa on the Supreme Court and having serious objections to ruling of the apex court banning mining and transportation of iron-ore.

Congress spokesperson of the Legislative Assembly, Curtorim, MLA, Alexio Reginald Lourenco, said, “It appears that Parrikar assumes an authority over and above every constitutional authority in this country. Even, according to him, the Supreme Court is responsible for the mining mess in Goa. But strangely, when the SC decision had come-out, he told the media that his government stand on mining has been vindicated by the apex court of the country. His statements yesterday clearly indicate that he is nothing but a man of ‘U-Turns’. But having said that, a Chief Minister being condescending to the Supreme Court sets a bad precedent.”

Fatorda MLA Vijai Sardessai, opined that confrontation continues to be the flavour of the Parivartan season. But this time target is the Supreme Court. Goa expected Parrikar in new avatar unlike the last time, when judiciary slammed him for a disparaging comment against judges. But it seems he hasn’t learnt a lesson Also it doesn’t augur well for a democracy when two of its pillars start clashing with one another.”

Parrikar comments as Chief Minister of a state has received a lot of criticism from all quarters, including his own party members who refused to be quoted at this point of time. But what is certain is that his statements has caught his own ministers by surprise and they felt that the CM is slowly crossing the line of diplomatic relationships with constitutional authorities in the country.


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