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Opposition telling lies to farmers on Agriculture Reforms, it will boost the growth : PM

Patna: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today slammed opposition parties for their stand on Agriculture reforms, saying they were telling lies to farmers on the issue that it was against their interests while the fact was was quite different, as it would help in boosting growth of Agriculture sector and national economy.

Mr Modi, while laying foundation stone of 9 National Highways projects and also launching projects of Optical fibre service to every village, through video conferencing in Bihar, said that his government had initiated agricultural reforms which would have far-reaching repercussion in boosting agriculture sector, improving the condition of farmers and also in providing stimulus to national economy. It was surprising that those who never cared for farmers for decades while in power, were now telling lies to them when a big agriculture reforms had been initiated, he noted.

The Prime Minister said that bills relating to agriculture reforms had been passed in both Houses of parliament and the reforms initiated in this vital sector of the country, would not only improve the condition of farmers in fetching high price of their produce but also help in boosting the economy. Agriculture reforms had been initiated to remove all barriers for the farmers in selling their produce to market anywhere in the country for extracting maximum possible price, he added.

Mr Modi said, agricultural reforms was not against the existing system of marketing in states. Agriculture markets in states would continue to function as earlier and confusion was being created by the opposition parties on the issue, he alleged.

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