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Opposition’s agenda is only ‘Modi Hatao’: Prime Minister Modi

Alleging that the Congress and other Opposition parties are being gripped by negativity towards the development of the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said the true face of the Opposition has been exposed as their only agenda is ‘Modi hatao’.

Replying to a debate on the No Confidence Motion in the Lok Sabha, Mr Modi said, “Today the nation has seen how some people are so deeply opposed to development. The true face of the Opposition has been exposed today.

“The only agenda is: ‘Modi hatao’. The question is why the motion was moved, when there is no mandate, no numbers, to bring down the government .’’

Terming the faith of the electorate as the real test of a government, Modi said, “I cannot be removed except by the 125 crore people of India. Why this hurry to remove me. In democracy, we should remain patient.’’

He said it is not the floor test of the government but that of the Congress.

“Our thinking is different from the Opposition’s. This is not a floor test of the Government. It’s a floor test of Congress and its allies. This is a trial run for them to choose a PM face,’’ the Prime Minister said.

Reeling out the achievements of his government, Mr Modi said, “It is the Sabka saath, sabka vikas government. We worked on electrification in 18,000 villages…among these 15,000 villages, our tribals, Dalits and backward people reside.

“Eight crore toilets have been built for our poor mothers and sisters.’’

On free LPG scheme, he quoted an international report to claim five crore people came out of poverty.

Charging the Congress with pursuing the politics of vote bank, the Prime Minister said, ‘We are here as we have the number and people have faith in us. Without the vote bank politics, we have worked during the last 4 years.

“We have given Mudra loans to 13 crores youth. We have moved from two mobile manufacturing companies to 120 digital transaction of Rs 41,000 crore in just one month. Global rankings in various sectors have gone up. We are today the fastest growing economy and has become the sixth largest economy in the world.’

Mocking Gandhi’s ‘hug’, the Prime Minister said, ‘There are those who do not believe in people and think themselves as God.’

On Gandhi saying that the Prime Minister could not see ‘eye to eye’ with him, he said, ‘How can a kaamgar put eye in eye in the namdar. Look at the fate met by those who did so.

“What did the Congress do with the leaders who tried to put ‘eye to eye’ with the top leadership be it Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Jaiprakash Narayan, Chandrashekhar or Pranab Mukherjee.’

He also took a jibe at former Congress president Sonia Gandhi for stating that “who says that we do not have the numbers?”

‘I read a statement that “who says we do not have the numbers?” See her arrogance. I can recalled of 1999 incident when she said, ‘we have 272 and more are joining us. She destabilised Atalji’s government and never formed one herself,’ the PM said.

Charging the Congress with using ‘objectionable’ language for the Indian army, Mr Modi said the language used for the Army was not up to the mark. “If you have to abuse me, abuse me, but do not do to the army. How can you say jumala to surgical strike. It is an insult to the army.’

On the statement by Gandhi that the PM was not a ‘chowkidar’ but a ‘bhagidar’, Mr Modi said, ‘We are the chowkidaar and ‘bhaagidaar’ both. But we are not ‘saudagar’ and ‘thekedar’ like you. We are ‘bhagidaar’ in the needs of the poor.’

Accusing the Congress of destabilising the country, the Prime Minister said, ‘Rumours are being spread. Misinformation is being spread. They are trying to put country into fire. They are emotionally blackmailing the poor. Those who misused Article 356 again and again they are criticising us for destroying democracy.’

On the statement by Mr Gandhi criticising the NDA on the Doklam issue, he said, ‘One must think before saying something on the issues like Doklam as it is a sensitive one.’

He also criticised the meeting of the Congress president with the Chinese Ambassador.

Terming Gandhi’s allegations of irregularities in the Rafale fighter jets deal as ‘childish’, Modi said, ‘The country has been misled. The Foreign country has to issue a denial. Allegations were made without substance. It is an agreement between two responsible countries done with full transparency.’

On the issue of special status for Andhra, the PM said the Centre was fully committed towards the development of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. “Atal ji created three states — Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. It was done peacefully. These states are prospering. The Congress divided Andhra Pradesh and their conduct was shameful.

“But it’s not new. It’s been your case since India-Pakistan partition. NDA government is fully committed towards the development of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. NDA government will not leave any stone unturned to help them.’

He said the TDP was doing politics on the issue.

‘The Andhra Pradesh Chief minister himself accepted this proposal in 2016, and thanked the government. But TDP did a U-turn due to politics. I called up Chandrababu Naidu when TDP decided to quit NDA. I told him you’re falling into the trap of YSRCP. You won’t be able to come out,’ he said.

Holding the previous UPA responsible for the NPA mess, he said,’I want to tell you about the NPA problem. Much before Internet Banking, Congress invented phone banking and this caused the NPA mess. A phone call would get loans for their cronies and the nation suffered.’

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