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Ore Exporters Condemn Nilesh Attach

The Goa Mineral Ore Exporters Association (GMOEA) has strongly condemned the attack on anti-mining activist Nilesh Gaonkar.
GMOEA president Shivanand Salgaocar said that resorting to such armed attacks would prove counter productive as they will only alienate the local community from the mining industry.

Salgaocar said the attack was shocking given the fact that mining generally is carried out quite peacefully in Goa with the co-operation and participation of all concerned and hoped that none of the mining firms operating in Caurem were involved in the attack.
While admitting that he would be very sad if any mining connection is found in the attack, Salgaocar opined that in a civilized society, differences of opinion have to be resolved through discussion or judicial and/or administrative intervention, but never with force.
While pointing out that such attacks are not merely assaults on the concerned individual, but the society at large, he appealed to the government to book those involved in the ghastly incident, as soon as possible.

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