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Over 200 policemen injured, 185 activists detained during Colombian tax proposal protests

Moscow: At least 209 police officers have been injured and 185 activists detained during the two-day protests against a tax reform proposal in Colombia, the country’s police said.

“As of the Friday morning, a total of 209 police officers have been injured as a result of vandals’ attack since April 28, including 71 in Bogota and 68 in Cali,” police said on late Friday.

Within the same period of time, 185 people have been detained over acts of vandalism and other crimes. The list of the detainees includes eight foreign citizens and 16 minors.

The authorities allow up to $5,357 in reward to those who will help to identify people involved in acts of vandalism.

Nationwide protests and strikes erupted in Colombia on Wednesday against the Sustainable Solidarity Law, a tax reform bill presented earlier this month. Trade unions claim that the proposed reform will lead to at least 1.5 million workers having to pay new taxes.

President Ivan Duque has said that the initiative, which is expected to help raise around $6.8 billion, will significantly contribute to efforts aimed at alleviating the negative economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

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