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Over-Estimated 10th Marks- Reason behind the Delay in Results

170 schools in Bihar-Jharkhand affiliated to the CBSE have been found to give over-estimated marks to their students in 10th Boards. These include reputed schools like St. Michael High School; Kendriya Vidyalaya, Kankarbagh etc. This has been the prime reason of delay in the display of results by the CBSE.

1 month back, due to the COVID pandemic, the Ministry of Education had decided to cancel the Boards exams of this year. Also, it was decided that the students would be promoted on the basis of the marks of last 3 years. Nevertheless, this marking was to be done based on a scale, the limit of which was crossed by these 170 schools. While some have taken note of it and decided to rectify the mistake, others still have to clarify their decision on the same.

All this, however, led to the delay in the display of results which were to be out by 15th July, 2021. The new date for the announcement of results is not yet confirmed. Dr. Rajiv Ranjan Sinha, member of the CBSE said that several instructions were provided about the scaling related to the Boards scores.

Were these over-estimated markings an act of intentional manipulation or genuine mistake needs to be found out. However, irrespective of the reason, this whole incident has made students skeptical about their Boards results and how school authorities have the liberty to flout the guidelines related to the marking scheme. Though CBSE has denied to recognize the given scores by the schools and asked them to re-do the whole task, deliberate distortion of scores by the authorities doesn’t seem much difficult a work after all this.

Therefore, regulating the whole procedure in a way that the most important stage of a student’s life doesn’t become a victim of official mishaps should be ensured. The result of Class 10th Boards holds a lot of importance in future too. Even in entrance exams of many Post-Graduate courses including in many IIMs, class 10th performance of a student is often analyzed. Thus, authorities must that care that proper marking standards are used so that the ‘lockdown generation’ doesn’t suffer uncertainty about their future when it comes to comparison with the other non-COVID batches. For this, not only under-estimation but over-estimation too could affect their selections at every important academic stage of their lives.

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