Overseas Education: Pursuing Education Overseas in a Post-COVID World

As students come to terms with the limited encounter faced by the world due to the pandemic, Australian universities are doing their part to fulfil the aspirations of international students from around the globe. Several students had planned to study abroad and pursue their education before the pandemic hit. Many had begun their visa process. The process of how one can go about applying for admissions in Australian Universities from abroad is essential to understand during this time.

Ms. Thara S Namboothiri, Flyworld, Director & Co-founder/Principal Lawyer

Australia’s positive response to their International students during COVID-19 has been colossal. Universities have provided fees concession and instalments. Another feasible option of studying online from offshore until the travel ban is over has been implemented by several universities. To add to that, the students who study offshore will also meet the residency requirements for further visas.

Most international universities have distinct guidelines of admission processes and course initiation details on their websites. To help you understand how the University plans to cope with the new normal, post-COVID-19 is becoming a bit of a challenge for students to understand. The simple answer to this is reaching out to migration experts. Australian Universities are addressing social distancing at residential colleges, campus safety, health protocols, student services and help for international students at multiple levels. This can be understood in detail for specific universities through migration experts.

Commenting on the situation, Ms. Thara S Namboothiri, Flyworld, said, “Many Australian universities and other educational institutions are open for already enrolled students to begin their studies online while waiting to arrange their travel to Australia. They are making online learning highly effective through webinars and many other virtual sessions and simulations.”

The education bodies around the globe are relaxing norms for foreign student gradually. It is essential to be informed about the changing rules on travel for educational purposes. Students can now start looking for options to study abroad and the countries they can consider for different courses so they are prepared for the post-COVID time.

Those students who have pledged to commence their courses in 2020, may also apply for their student visas keeping their options open to travel as soon as travel restrictions are withdrawn.

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