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Owaisi is Bhasmasur of Muslims: Narottam

Bhopal: In a no-holds-barred diatribe against AIMIM President Asaduddin Owaisi, Madhya Pradesh Home Minister and state government spokesman Narottam Mishra on Tuesday denounced the former as the Bhasmasur of Muslims.

“First, he created a chasm and has now questioned women’s very identity. He considers it an honour to disparage ladies. He was at the ‘forefront’ vis-à-vis the Vande Mataram issue. Mr Owaisi has made a certain remark regarding womenfolk. I wish to ask him, if (Indian) Muslims had no connection with Mughals, then why do you raise a din at Mughal monuments by saying that ‘we’ constructed those structures? He has denigrated ‘matrushakti’. You may not have heard Mr Owaisi speaking on women’s rights and respect; that is his mentality. However, he never relinquishes an opportunity to insult women, matrushakti and the motherland,” Dr Mishra told media representatives here.

Via UNI-India
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