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Paap of Papon & Papa

Papon is wrong. Period!

His act with the minor on the ‘Voice of India’ reality show on the TV channel &Pictures is disgraceful and criminal in nature.

Singer-composer Papon’s Holi celebration with the contestants he was judging has rightfully led to a harassment complaint. He has been charged with “inappropriately kissing” a minor.

In a video that has gone viral, Papon can be seen applying colour to a contestant’s face and planting a kiss on her lips, leaving her stunned.

While Papon is wrong and admits he has done wrong unintentionally.

“My humble request to everyone, when you do come across this matter is to just pause and think about how much harm this does to the people involved. I have a loving wife of over 14 years and two young children. There is a little girl involved, whose identity is not masked in any way. Both of our families are being destroyed forever, just by people jumping to conclusions. 

However, this is not to say that I haven’t made a mistake. I might have done it spontaneously but in today’s environment, to touch a girl child, however innocent your thoughts are, is not advisable. I am sorry for that. Please do accuse me of being naïve and stupid even but please do not call me all those disgusting names.”

It is minor girl’s father who needs to given one hard tight slap across his face for saying that Papon is his daughter’s mentor and like a father figure to her and requested the media “not to pursue this further. He has always encouraged her to pursue her dreams. He doesn’t differentiate amongst the children. What you saw in the video is not intentional. It was just a moment of affection that is being portrayed otherwise,” he said.

Lets assume for a moment that Papon was a mentor and treated her like his daughter, that does not give him a right to smooch the minor girl in front of full public view knowing fully well that a recording of the act is being filmed for a reality show.

So the minor girl father intends to send a message to rest of the young children participating in the numerous reality -singing and acting contests in India, that it is alright for your mentor to touch you inappropriately because their mentors and like your parents. That is simply absurd. Tomorrow instead of kissing, the mentor decides to have sexual intercourse with your child, would it still be considered to be the alright because it is a mentor.

I do not subscribe to children being a part of reality programmes. The craze for such acts and the desperation of some parents to portray their kids as wonders is scary and shocking.

That Papon has apologised is just one part of the problem, the moot question is whether he is wrong and whether it is a crime.

That however is evidently clear – he is wrong and his behaviour is absolutely criminal in nature. Law will have take its course on this matter and no apology can change the fact of the act.

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com

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