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Pakistan- where army fight the police

Pakistan Army is the only army with a country of it’s own. When I say this, I’ve my reasons. Pakistan came into existence after partitioning from India in 1947 on the religious line by forging two-nation theory according to which Muslims can’t live with Hindus and require their own land. Post partition, Pakistan filled itself with anti-India and anti-Hindu feelings and made Jammu and Kashmir as one of the reason to drive this agenda. However, while doing so, the major benefit went with Pakistan Army. Pakistan Army grew stronger in every decade because the narrative to avenge against Hindus and Indians in Pakistan is very clear and it is commonly believed that Army which is often referred to as establishment in Pakistan is the only mode through which they could win against India/Hindus.

Pakistan lost many war including it’s multiple wars with India over Kashmir and it’s great lost in eastern front where the geography of Pakistan changed and Bangladesh emerged as a new nation with help of India. India helped Bangladesh to become a new nation due to the atrocities committed by Pakistani Army on East Pakistan including Operation Searchlight where teachers, scientists and doctors of Hindus have been targeted and murdered, their houses burnt and women raped. Pakistan Army denied civil rights to the Bengalis through the means of guns. This led India support their movement and led Bengalis free from the clutches of Pakistan and recognised them as independent Bangladesh thus cutting a big portion of land of Pakistan. Even after this humiliation, Pakistan tried to change the status quo on Kashmir by infiltrating in Kargil. However, India forced them to retaliate through it’s Operation Vijay. After loosing so many wars, Pakistan Army was forced to change it’s way. The new way led army choose the Government and indirectly ruling the nation. This is the way in which Army won’t be criticized for the failure of the nation but is able to make decisions for the nation. After fixing Imran Khan as Prime Minister, Pakistani Army tried controlling everything inside Pakistan however couldn’t control the economic problems of the nation which have led people of Pakistan to start questioning the government. Few months back, Prime Minister Imran Khan openly admitted nation’s link with terrorist organisations. He made it clear that government of Pakistan always dealt with terror outfits while refuting the earlier claims of the Establishment that,

“The Pakistani Army, ISI, trained Al-Qaeda and all these groups to fight in Afghanistan. There were always links between Pak [and them]; there had to be because they trained them”.

Opposition parties and their leaders including former Prime Minister Navaz Shareef and his children Mariam Bhutto and Bilawal Bhutto have started questioning the Establishment directly which has been unprecedented in Pakistan’s history. On 18th October, Mohammad Safdar, husband of Mariam Bhutto raised slogans against Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Establishment against which an FIR has been registered and he was arrested by the Sindh Police. Sindh Province which is under the rule of Bilawal Bhutto’s expressed his dismay along with it’s Chief Minister who was equally surprised due to this arrest.

Apparently, Pakistan Army kidnaped the top police official of Sindh Police while coercing him into signing an order to arrest Nawaz Sharif’s son-in-law, Mohammad Safdar. A civil war like situation started in the streets of Karachi on 20th October when Sindh police gone rogue and many of its top officials applied for leave as a mark of protest against the Establishment. This led to several clashes in Sindh between Army and Police in which atleast 22 Sindh Police officials and 13 Pakistan Army shoulders along with many civilians died. A massive bomb blast also reported in Karachi which killed 5 civilians while atleast 20 are severely injured.

These facts would further deepen the rift between the Sindh Police and Pakistan Army which will be a big jolt to the broke Imran Khan Government as well as the Establishment.

On one hand, Sindh Police is fighting with Pakistan Army due to their indecent acts. And on the other hand, Pakistan Army is occupied in fighting someone else’s war happening between Armania and Azerbaijan in the name of Islam. Irony is the fact that the biggest ally of Pakistan is China who is putting Muslims in concentration camps in its country and have banned all kind of Islamic outfits. Pakistan is doing everything to maintain it’s existence while putting it’s leg inside the grave even deeper. It has been put in a separate list because of it’s involvement with terror outfits, however it is still using terror outfits in Jammu and Kashmir to continue it’s agenda. The problems inside Pakistan is not sudden and is existing because their cause of formation was bogus and is standing on false two-nation theory. India, even after partition is having world’s third highest Muslim population and is progressing well. On the other hand, Pakistan formed due to hatred against Hindus is burning in it’s own hell.

Faith of former Prime Minister of Pakistan are also certain because either they die in an attack or get exiled. Army in the nation has too much power and too less responsibility. All top army officials have their businesses in European Countries which shows why the Pakistan is struggling so much despite of having so many resources. Recent clash between police and army will gradually increase and will ultimately divide the nation into more smaller parts.

Anand Rangnathan, JNU professor says about Pakistan that it is the only country in the world where the terrorists watch the Army fight the Police.

Author: Adv. Shashank Shekhar Jha
Legal Editor,



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