Panasonic Launches Electronic Shelf Labelling (ESL) for the Indian Retail Market

Kolkata, Sep 19 (GCBusiness) Panasonic, a global leader in innovation and technology, today launched an all-new Electronic Shelf Labelling (ESL) solution providing retailers an ability to wirelessly update content on shelving signages quickly and efficiently.

Panasonic ESL’s unique technology ensures secure data transfer via an encrypted radio connection on the touch of a button. It allows retailers to alter prices on a real-time basis, monitor product information, showcase promotional discounts, reduce pricing errors, respond to their customer traffic patterns and reduce wastage through seamless promotional pricing changes for perishable goods.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Vijay Wadhawan, Group Chief, Systems Solutions Division, Panasonic India said, “The retail industry in India has seen unprecedented growth in the past few years. As the industry continues to expand, it is imperative for retailers to adopt newer technologies that not only allows them to ensure a seamless consumer experience but also reduce human intervention. With the implementation of ESL in retail stores across the country, we are eliminating the operational issues associated with manual labelling and offering retailers end-to-end solutions enabling a better world for their businesses.”

Panasonic ESL can also be used to display competitor prices, social reviews, product ingredients, source of origin, automated currency conversion, inventory levels, and many more key retail features of importance to the customers. It also receives information on product updates and price change from brands on a pricing server, supported by Panasonic software’s.

Developed at Panasonic’s India Innovation Center (IIC) in Bengaluru, the solution has been launched in association with E Ink, a leader in ePaper technology, to provide operational efficiency and improve profitability for retailers. The solution is available in different sizes ranging from 1.54 to 7.25 inches and is being deployed in key retail stores across India.

One of the early adopters of Panasonic’s ESL solution, Mr. Samir Modi, President 24SEVEN said, “Technology excites us and we look forward to the Panasonic ESL launch. This modern and technology-based solution will create a substantial value add for the retailers. ESL is an innovative product which can help transform retail businesses by facilitating end-to-end solutions for our store operations.”

The solution eliminates the need for repetitive paper usage required for manual labelling due to its technology contributing to a greener environment.

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