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Pankuj Parashar To Conduct Session in Goa


Acclaimed film maker Pankuj Parashar will conduct an interactive session for Goa Cinephile Club on 16th October from 10:30 am to 5 pm.
The session organized by Entertainment Society of Goa will be held in the Maquinez Palace Auditorium.
Pankuj Parashar directed films like Ab Aayega Mazaa (1984), followed by a critically acclaimed television series Karamchand (1985). In 1987 he made the film Jalwa starring Naseeruddin Shah followed by Chaalbaaz (1989). His other films include Aasmaan Se Gira, Himalaya Putra and Banaras (2006) amongst others. His documentary Malfunction (1980) won a Filmfare Award and another documentary Shakti was invited to the Oberhausen Film Festival and was also screened at the Berlin Film Festival. The film Banaras will be screened as part of the session and subsequently discussed. The film Banaras is the story of a young woman Shwetambari born in a rich Brahmin family who falls in love with a low caste Soham while studyin in the city. Soham who is a mystic is told by his guru that there is no harm in falling in love with a woman of high caste. However, their relationship results in very strong reaction forcing Shwetambari to take up an ascetic life. 17 years later when she returns to the city to see her dying father, there is yet another upheaval.


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