‘Paper Tiger’ & ‘Baboons’ storm out of House for fear of ‘Saffron Fumes’

I have always said and will continue to maintain that Fatorda MLA Vijai Sardesai is nothing more than a ‘Paper Tiger’ and the Congress MLAs are being true to their real definition of a ‘group of Baboons’. For those who might not be aware: one of the definition of the ‘Congress’ is a group of Baboons (a species of monkey).

The above mentioned opinion and strong reason for it, was clearly displayed at the storming out of the Assembly session on Friday over the remark ‘India a Hindu Nation’ made by MGP leader Deepak Dhavlikar and followed with the claims from Deputy CM Francis D’Souza ‘All Indians are Hindus. I am a Christian Hindu’ which was made on Thursday.

As rightly pointed out by none other than the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) President John Fernandes at a Press Conference on Saturday, “He was shocked that the Congress MLAs did not immediately stage a walk-out when Dhavlikar made an unconstitutional remark of ‘Modi will make India a Hindu Nation’ and wait for the media to create the hype before taking a stand.”

I suppose John Fernandes would need to be briefed that his MLAs and the former Congressman Vijai Sardesai (in particular) are only interested in making noise and have not taken any issue they raised in the Assembly to a logical conclusion. Sardesai always plays to the gallery and for the shutter-bugs. That’s why he ensures that his friends in the media portray him as the only Opposition in Goa and not even the Congress.

Like they say, there is nothing like ‘Showbiz’ and this politician is a ‘Tiger of the Papers’. And to give him credit, he is good in managing media.

However, I am quite surprised that the GPCC President has asked for the dismal of the Deputy CM and Deepak Dhavlikar from the government for their unconstitutional remark. Does he seriously believe that the government or even the Governor who was a former Congress Goa Observer going to pay heed to this demand is yet again another noise and playing to media. If Congress truly felt upset about the remarks of the BJP and MGP leaders, they should have gone to court directly.

I suppose Fernandes is learning from his spokesperson Durgadas Kamat who continues to make strong statements to the media, we are going to court on this issue and that issue but takes no issue to court.

In the end politics in Goa is more of a ‘Tiatr’ and while BJP are certainly stroking very dangerous ‘Saffron Fumes’ which could turn into ‘Red Fire’,  Congress is doing what it does better than all other political parties in the state – ‘Tiatrs’.


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