Parallel Wireless’s All-G Technology Ready to Transform Telecom Services in India

Parallel Wireless, Inc., the leader in providing the world’s first end-to-end software-based network solutions for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G, after globally proving the immense value of its All-G software-enabled solutions is now looking forward to enable the Indian operators to cost-effectively connect the unconnected and to provide solutions for coverage and capacity in both rural and urban environment.

Parallel Wireless’ All-G technology supports service providers in streamlining the network and bringing down operational cost by enabling them to provide any Gs, 2G, 3G, 4G or upcoming 5G, from the same infrastructure. This helps the service providers to cost-effectively extend coverage and capacity in both the rural and urban environment.

At a time when cut-throat competition in the Indian market is forcing telecom service providers to cut margins, network solutions like All-G bring hope for service providers by helping them lower cost and freeing up resources for network expansion in rural areas.

The All-G technology allows service providers to reconfigure the hardware-based 2G and 3G networks to shift to a software-run system and also support new communication standards such as 4G and 5G on the same system. This feature helps operators to get the most out of their network assets and harness the cloud to future-proof their networks. This approach helps telecom companies drastically reduce costs as well.

In India, Parallel Wireless is already working with major telecom companies and continues to increase its footprint in the country across different segments – virtualized network, small cell deployment, among others – and All-G technology would power it to establish it as an end-to-end software-based solution provider in the country.

PW’s software-driven virtualized network solution is already making waves globally:

Parallel Wireless’ virtualized network solutions have been very effective in markets like Africa and Latin America, where due to low Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) telecom operators were reluctant to extend network coverage in rural areas. Operators in these regions have successfully utilized Parallel Wireless’ new approach to roll out 2G services, and also cost-effectively upgrade to 3G and 4G connectivity, as and when their subscribers are ready. They have been able to do so without making massive investment in upgrading networks.

India, with over 60% of its mobile users still on 2G network, would require massive investments in network upgrades if it has to shift a large population to 3G and 4G networks. However, they can leverage PW’s virtualized network solution to bridge the digital divide without incurring substantial capital expenditure and at the same time ensure their network are future ready for 4G and 5G.

Supporting quote

Rajesh Mishra, Co-founder, President and CTO, Parallel Wireless

“With urban subscription at 160% and rural subscription at 60%, the urban-rural divide in India is too stark to be overlooked by the telecom service providers. At the same time, the operators need to prepare the networks for 5G. With our virtualized All-G technology, service providers can cost-effectively expand their networks in rural areas and also future-proof their investments for new-age technologies. It is also an opportunity for the service providers to unify and simply their networks for improved customer experience, better efficiency and reduced operational cost.”

About Parallel Wireless

Parallel Wireless is on a mission to connect the 4 billion unconnected people by reimagining the networks. The unified end-to-end 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G Open RAN platform enables operators to connect things and people at home, work, play and in emergencies by deploying any G cellular networks as easily and as cost-effectively as enterprise Wi-Fi whether for rural, enterprise, public safety, M2M, Smart Cities, or dense urban. The company is in production on six continents and engaged with many leading operators worldwide. Parallel Wireless’ innovation and excellence in multi-technology open virtualized solutions has been recognized with 50 industry awards.

For more information, please visit Connect with Parallel Wireless on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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