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Parambir Singh v/s Anil Deshmukh: The Battle which has everyone’s eyes on it

After the complexities of the Antilia bomb scare case started to unravel and the controversial and now suspended Mumbai Police API Sachin Waze emerged as one of the key players of the conspiracy, there ignited a battle between the ex CP of the Mumbai Police, Parambir Singh and the state Home Minister Anil Deshmukh

After the National Investigation Agency (NIA) took over the Antilia bomb scare case from the Anti- Terrorism Squad (ATS) Mumbai, the conspicuous involvement of the doubtful cop, Sachin Waze came to light. While the NIA started to investigate the alleged terror- plot, another can of worms opened up, this insinuates towards the active role of the suspended API Sachin Waze in an intricate network of extortion running in the financial capital of the country. This has led to a new battle- Parambir vs Anil Deshmukh!

At the point when the NIA sleuths found out that Sachin Waze was a crucial link of the chain of individuals involved in the mage conspiracy of placing a car laden will explosive gelatin sticks outside Antilia, the hardships for the Maha Vikas Aghadi government started soaring high as questions around the sudden reinstatement of Waze who was suspended for 16 long years due to the charges of custodial murders were raised.

Another pertinent doubt which naturally popped up in the minds of the citizens who have been following the case closely is that how was it possible for a mere API and a few of his subordinates to hatch such a sinister plan and pave a way for its execution? The MVA’s claim that they had absolutely no clue about Sachin Waze’s criminal activities unfolding right under their nose is not plausible to any sane mind!

Unfortunately for the Maharashtra government, this was not the only point to be wary of. Things went further downhill when a money- counting machine was retrieved by the NIA officers from one of the luxury cars associated with Waze- a black Mercedes Benz, along with a sum of Rs. 5 lakhs! The currency counting machine became the new talking point and citizens started making speculations about the reasons for an API to use the same. Once again, any normally thinking mind could easily put two and two together and people started associating the machine and Waze to some sort of extortion racket running in Mumbai. After all, extortion or ‘wasooli’ as it is infamously called is not novel to Mumbai or Maharashtra in totality.

While these rapid developments were taking place, the erstwhile Commissioner of the Mumbai Police, Parambir Singh was transferred and was made DG Home guard. Soon after, Sanjay Raut boldly claimed that it was a routine transfer and crooned about Singh’s credibility. But the Maharashtra Home Minister, Anil Deshmukh soon spilled the beans and confessed that it was not a regular transfer and Singh was shunted due to the lapses in the probe of the Antilia.

After the murky roles of both Waze and Parambir stifled the normalcy in the MVA camp, the government subtly distanced itself from both the police officers in no time. According to the MVA, they neither had a clue about Waze’s activities nor did they support Parambir anymore. In no time, the two blue- eyed boys of the Maharashtra government became absolute ‘nobodies’ for them!

People’s speculations about the currency counting machine seemed to come true sooner than expected. While everyone thought that the political drama in the state of Maharashtra could not augment anymore, it skyrocketed instead! Just a few days after his transfer, Parambir Singh wrote a letter to the Chief Minister, Uddhav Thackeray.

This letter by Singh alleged that Anil Deshmukh had asked Sachin Waze to collect a whopping 100 crores every month from bars, restaurants, and other business establishments! The extortion racket was difficult to brush under the carpet.

Soon, Uddhav Thackeray had found a loophole in his receiving the letter. Thackeray claimed that the authenticity of the letter is under question because it was not duly signed by Parambir and was sent by a gmail account which was not the official one. While Uddhav was all set to rubbish the authenticity of the letter and also the allegations made against Anil Deshmukh, the Home Minister issued a statement denying the allegations made in the letter.

With Deshmukh simply countering the accusations and not raising questions over the letter’s authenticity, Thackeray’s doubts lost all meaning. On the other hand, soon after Deshmukh’s ‘clarifications’, Parambir himself told the media that the letter was indeed sent by him and was therefore authentic. He also stated that he was sending another copy of the letter, duly signed by him, to the CM of Maharashtra.

Soon after the second copy of the letter was sent, Parambir made his intent quite clear. The ex-CP then moved the Hon. The Supreme Court demanded an investigation into the ‘various corrupt practices’ of Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh. Singh wanted an impartial CBI probe against Anil Deshmukh.

Just two days later, on the 24th of March, the apex court rejected Parambir’s plea. While rejecting it, the two- judge bench granted Parambir the liberty to move the Bombay High Court. Singh’s petition not only made grave allegations against Deshmukh but also challenged his own transfer.

Next, during the hearing in the Bombay High Court on the 31st March, Parambir was himself reprimanded! The court asked him how an investigation against the Home Minister could be initiated with no FIR filed against him. The court noted that Singh was not a ‘layman’ and that there was no scope of the court to intervene or a probe without an FIR.

Chief Justice Dipankar Datta told Singh, “You remained silent when you found out that your boss was indulging in a crime. You failed in your duty as a police officer if you did not register an FIR.” CJ Datta asked Singh to file an FIR and then approach the judiciary to ask for an agency investigation. The order by the Bombay High Court was then reserved and will now be pronounced on 5th April.

While the NIA continues with its job and reveals new and darker secrets at regular intervals and the Parambir Singh v/s Anil Deshmukh battle turns fiercer at every step; the MVA is undoubtedly rattled, and their coalition is suffering. One time, Congress questions Sharad Pawar over his leadership while Anil Deshmukh is called an ‘accidental Home Minister’ on the other.

All the three parties are busy casting aspersions on each other and have smartly disowned their stooges- Parambir and Waze. Also, it looks like Parambir has also pulled everyone down along with him!

The developments over the Antilia bomb scare case, the mysterious death of Mansukh Hiren and now the one on one between Singh and Deshmukh are worth tailing as many skeletons are yet to tumble out of everyone’s closets.

Sonakshi Datta

Intern, Goa Chronicle

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