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Pardoned Indian family happy to return home from UAE

Abu Dhabi, Aug 5 (UNI) An Indian family after availing of amnesty under a programme ‘Protect Yourself by Modifying Your Status’ in Abu Dhabi is all set to life afresh after returning to their country.

Indian Islamic Centre Abu Dhabi helped the family with paperwork and also booked air tickets for them.

“The Keralite man’s small business here ran into loss. He has a wife and three children. They couldn’t renew their visas for a year and kids’ schooling too has got discontinued. We provided all possible support. The family can now return and start afresh,” General Secretary of IIC Karappath Usman said.

The family didn’t wish to disclose their details as relatives and friends didn’t know they were staying illegally, he added.

“We had 120 to 150 people on the day we opened our help desk. People feel comfortable sharing their troubles and problems with us,” said Usman.

Another association, Malayalee Samajam Abu Dhabi, which functions from industrial area of Mussafah, is handling dozens of cases at its help desk.

“There was a peculiar case where the sponsor had died and the Indian woman couldn’t renew her visa. Luckily, she had got a valid passport. She will soon return home with our assistance,” said Sajith Kumar, Malayalee Samajam welfare secretary.

He added that after ascertaining genuine cases, the association furnishes a recommendation letter to be submitted at the Indian Embassy.

“We receive around 20 calls at our help desk and 15 people came to us with queries. We get four to five cases of absconders and around 20-25 cases with expired passport and visa.”
Kumar noted the actual flow of Indian amnesty seekers will be known only in the next two months.

“Those who are working here illegally would be looking to earn salary for another month. We are expecting a huge crowd from mid-September,” he added.

Indian Embassy’s counsellor M Rajamurugan unveiled help desks at various associations in the city and Mussafah.

He said the associations are playing an important role in helping out amnesty seekers.

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