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Parish priest led a mob of 80 parishioners to attack Dr Vaigankar: Police Complaint

Panjim: A police complaint filed by Dr Kaidas Vaigankar and his associate from the Niz Goenkar Party Chandrashekar Vasta alleging that a mob of over 80 parishioners led by Parish Priest Fr Lewis Alvares attacked Dr Kakidas and family over animosity arising of a PIL filed against the Sancaole Church.

Chandrashekar Vaste who was also attacked in the mob violence told media that this attack was aimed to dissuade and intimidate Niz Goenkar Party members who have filed a PIL against the Parish Priest and the Sancoale Parish over shifting the Sancoale Feast Day celebrations to another location due to inconvenience caused to other locals of the Sancaole village.

“Fr Lewis Alvares entered Dr Kalidas’s property with mob and even though police were called and happen to arrive at the scene, they did not stop the mob from their brutal act of beating Dr Kalidas and his family,” expressed Vasta.

Goa Police has registered two cases on the incident. One filed by Dr Kalidas Vaigankar and the other filed by a rickshaw tempo person who alleged that Dr Vaigankar had attacked his tempo in an argument, following which Fr Lewis Alvares intervened and other parishioners gathered.

Goa Police is currently investigating the truth between both the stories.



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