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Parrikar Demands Cap On Ore Extraction

Leader of Opposition on Thursday demanded that the government cap the amount of ore extracted from the state and urged the government to come out with a policy stating the maximum quantify of ore that could be transported.
Speaking on the budget in the Assembly, he said he was willing to put aside political consideration to resolve this issue plaguing a large number of Goans and offered to co-operate with the government to work out a joint action plan to curb illegalities in the mining sector.

He made a strong case to regulate the operation of trucks in the mining sector and pointed out that most of the drivers of these vehicles are from other State with most of them hailing from Jharkhand.
Quoting figures, he said in Sanguem 11 mines are operating while another 68 are in the pipeline while in Quepem 11 mines are operating and 25 more are to commence operations.
He strongly argued against cutting of trees for mining and said that nature cannot be replaced with money.
Training his guns on other departments, he lamented that the Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation, which was his baby created to execute works expeditiously, has been reduced to another PWD in view of the backlog of works with this corporation.
Manohar Parrikar also regretted that the government has not come out with an industrial policy due to which everything is going haywire and demanded that the Industrial Development Corporation should adopt a policy whereby 80 to 90 per cent of the plots are reserved for locals.

CM REACTS: Chief Minister Digambar Kamat reacting to the various cut motions, said the government has already taken steps to regulate the operations of mining trucks as the new Mines and Minerals Development and Regulation Act (MMDR Act) has given it teeth to do so.
He pointed out that all trucks involved in transporting mining ore will now have to register with the Department of Mines and the MMDR Act has empowered the Indian Bureau of Mines and the Mines and Geology Department to regulate their movement.
He assured the House that the Mines Department will not register the trucks if the roads on which they propose to ply are found to be unable to sustain the load.
Asserting that the government is committed to reduce environmental damage, he said no new mining lease will be granted till a proper policy is framed and revealed that the Goa State Pollution Control Board has been directed not to issue NOC for any new mine in Goa.

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