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Parrikar Demands White Paper on Highway Widening

Dismissing the recent announcements of Chief Minister Digambar Kamat over the widening of National Highways in Goa as mere gimmicks, Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar demanded a white paper on the project. He also accused the government of hoodwinking the people and revealed that the House Committee constituted to look into this project has not met even once.

Speaking to media persons at Margao, Manohar argued that the toll aspect had to be decided before tendering the project. “The project is already tendered and now the Chief Minister is talking about increasing the radius for toll exemption. Is this possible and in such a situation who will come forward to construct the highway which is to be built on BOOT basis?” he asked.
Besides, he also revealed that the House Committee constituted during the monsoon session of the Goa Legislative Assembly to look into all the aspects of this project, has not met even once. “The Government is duty bound to provide all the information to this committee,” he pointed out while hinting at the reason why the committee meeting has not been convened.
While asserting that the people’s objections and apprehensions cannot be answered piece meal wise, he insisted that the government issue a white paper so that all aspects of the project are placed before the people. He also alleged that the project was another scam along the lines of the Commonwealth Games and 2G spectrum that have floored the Congress at the national level.
Manohar extended his party’s support to the public meeting called by the National Highway Diversion Action Committee on 22nd November and said the present government’s assurances cannot be relied upon. “The government had said that SEZ are scrapped. Are they?” he asked.

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