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Parrikar government would have been toppled 8-9 times: GPCC President Fernandes

Insinuating that since Congress did not support any toppling games in Goa because it did not receive a mandate from the people, BJP-led Parrikar government has survived till now.

Fernandes expressed Parrikar’s government was about to be toppled at least eight to nine times since Parrikar took over but the Congress did not encourage this because the Congress did not have a mandate. He said that if the situation arises the Congress will “fulfill its Constitutional obligations as required

Speaking on the Wagh attack issue,
Fernandes warned those who joined the BJP recently that their lives too are in danger. “When there is dissent in the party, there is an appropriate party forum to resolve differences. We request the chief minister not to betray the trust and mandate given to him by the people and not to force a mid-term poll in Goa as that will be a big drain on the state treasury,” said Fernandes.

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