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Parrikar is no one to stop me from coming to Goa: Mutalik

Not giving much importance to being called a ‘demon’ in the Assembly by the Chief Minister of the BJP-led government, Pramod Mutalik, leader of the Sri Ram Sena reiterated that the organisation’s intent to set-up a unit in Goa has got nothing to do with whether the CM favors the organisation or not.

“Calling me a demon does not demoralize me or my people. We will set up our unit in September, since we are not doing anything illegal. We are a patriotic organisation with the intent to safe-guard the interest of our Hindu culture and tradition. And sometimes it is required to take an aggressive stance on such issues,” expressed Mutalik.

Sri Ram Sena has been carrying the tag of a controversial right-wing Hindu fundamentalist organization after its members attacked young men and women at a Bangalore pubs. The statement of Mutalik at the Hindu Nation Convention of wanting to set up a unit in Goa and keep a check on the women going to pubs/clubs has been receiving strong opposition from different political and civil society activists.

The Chief Minister has assured the House that if Mutalik were to set foot in Goa, he would have him arrested and no such anti-social activities will be tolerated.


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