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Parrikar likely to keep Home, Finance, Mining, Education and TCP portfolios

The newly sworn-in Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar is likely to keep the ministries of Home, Education, Finance, Mining and Town & Country Planning under his control and supervision.

In the previous government the Home Ministry headed by Congress minister Ravi Naik faced unprecedented criticism on account of the police-politician drug nexus, custodial deaths, crimes committed by the police officers and a general breakdown of the law and order machinery. Parrikar is expected to undertake a re-shuffling of key police personnel in the next coming days. Also sources in the know have told that Parrikar will come down with an iron-fist on the issues of safety and security in Goa and also initiate his own investigations into the allegations made against the police department on various issues.

The other controversial portfolio of mining which has been under the control of the former Chief Minister Digambar Kamat will be taken care of by Parrikar and he is expected to bring about constructive changes in this ministry and also in the business of mining. He is too crackdown vehemently on illegal mining in the state.

TCP portfolio too is something on account of the Regional Plan 2021 facing a lot of flak, but he is to scrap the Regional Plan 2021 post the legal advice from his counsels on the legality to do away with the recently notified regional plan.


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