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Parrikar Questions Investigations In Tribals’ Murder

Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar questioned the manner in which the police are investigating the murder of the two tribals on Wednesday at Balli and predicted that the investigations will not lead anywhere.

Speaking to media persons he said the weapons used to kill the tribals, like iron rods and other sharp weapons are still scattered in the gutted Adarsh Farmers’ Co-operative Society building and alleged that the police have till date not collected them as evidence.

He also accused the Crime Branch of not conducting a panchanama and said that the weapons were lying in the factory even when he visited it many days after the incident.

He accused the police of trying to destroy evidence rather than collecting it because they were aware of the plan to torch the factory and thereby cover their complicity in the act.

He also alleged that both the youngsters were killed and then thrown in the fire. “Manguesh fell on burning cashews and if he was alive he would have tried to escape,” he said.

In the case of Dilip Velip he questioned the presence of blood in the toilet where his body was found and opined that Velip was severely beaten and then locked in the toilet. “There would have been no blood marks near his body if he had died of suffocation,” he said.

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