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Parrikar showing signs of Modi-like Behaviour: Reddy

Taking a dig at the Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar by likening his behaviour and governance to that of the Chief Minister of Gujarat and Congress’s favorite BJP’s  Communal Poster Boy Narendra Modi; All India Congress Committee (AICC), general secretary and Goa Desk-in-Charge, Sudhakar Reddy addressing media persons after a gap of two months said that Parrikar has been running the government over the last three months like a dictator, in fact some legislative members in the government are regretting their fate of working under him and soon the people of Goa will also see the ulterior agenda of Parrikar and people supporting him.

Terming the functioning of the Parrikar government as a one-man show rather than team work; Reddy further lashed out at the CM saying that he appears to be still in the Opposition role. His continuous seven years as Opposition leader has become ingrained in his psyche and he is acting as Opposition even now but targetting government servants who do not toe his dictatorial ways and also planning to target Congress leaders.

He further added by creating a confrontation with the Centre, he displays his complete lack of respect and understanding for the Constitutional working of Centre and State relationships. By attacking the Union Home Ministry and now the Union Mines Ministry, he is trying to create a picture of a superior leader at a national-level. But in reality his attempts on the government officers or even the mining dumps appear to be done to benefits his close aides and sympathisers; while keeping dictatorial control over all functioning in the state.

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