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Parrikar targets only lower caste people not upper caste mining looters: Azgaonkar


Saying that the current charges leveled against him in the Anti-Corruption Bureau by the Parrikar-led government are aimed at silencing him and also clamp down of the lower-caste defiance to his dictatorial ways, former sports minister of the Congress party, Manohar (Babu) Azgaonkar said that he is not afraid of any victimization of the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar as by now most Goans have realized that he following in the footsteps of the former Portuguese dictator Salazar.

Speaking at a press conference held at Congress House, Azgaonkar alleged that Parrikar can only victimize people of the Bahujan Samaj class and not the upper-caste of Goa who are mostly those running mining companies in the state and also those that the Shah Commission in its report have stated robbed the exchequer of Rs 35000 crore. But till today he has not filed a single complaint against the big mining companies.

“His aim to continue to subjugate the lower-caste to the dominion of the upper-caste in society, which is why, people like him or Tamankar (another Congress spokesperson from the lower caste) will be targeted and such complaints will be filed against them to silence them.

When questioned whether that same reasoning applies to the fact the former Chief Minister of Goa Digambar Kamat who also belongs to the upper caste has not FIR registered against him, even though the Shah Commission points out at him, Azgaonkar told the press that the question should be directed directly to Parrikar as he had said he would file the FIR and not done anything on it till now.



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