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Parrikar threatens Criminal Complaint

Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar threatened to file a criminal complaint if the government does not revoke licenses issued to three off shore casinos operating without trading license.
Addressing media persons, he said that three vessels including Casino Royale operated by Highstreet Cruises and Entertainment Ltd., are operating without License from the Director General of Shipping and demanded that all other licenses issued to them should be withdrawn.
He threatened to file a criminal complaint against government officials if the licenses are not withdrawn by 19th December.

In the case of Casino Royale, it has not been issued a trading license which is a pre-requisite to get license from the Home Department to function as a floating casino.
As the vessel is only anchored in River Mandovi and not plying no action can be taken by his department stated Captain of Ports James Braganza. He said it was for the Home Department to spot vessels operating without licenses.
The Home Department claims that they have moved a file to issue a show cause notice to the operators of the vessel, but since the file is pending with the Law Department for the last two months, they have not been able to take any action.
Meanwhile, the Director General Shipping as asked the company to inform it about its trading license status and pointed out that the absence of the license would attract action as provided in the Merchant Shipping Act 1958.
However, given the present status with each department washing its hands off the issue, it is unlikely that any action will be taken against the operators of this floating casino.

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