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PARRIKARISATION: GMC Dean to be the next victim?

A serious concern that is plaguing the government is what is getting to be known as ‘PARRIKARISATION’ in the political circles. It would explain why the GMC Dean – Dr V.N. Jindal is to be the next victim.

Highly placed sources in the Goa government told that the Dean of the Goa Medical College Dr V.N. Jindal (a renowned neuro-surgeon) has been asked to retire and this will come into effect by-the-end of July. To takeover as Dean – the Parrikar-led government is to appoint a much younger Dr Pradeep Naik – a respected eye specialist for the job. But besides his professional expertise, Dr Naik is also known to be a BJP sympathizer.

While it is being made to appear that Dr Jindal on account of age – which being sixty years and also because he is not a part of the teaching staff- is due to retire with full-benefits. Strangely though the University Rules allows a Dean of College to continue till the age of sixty-two.

The question which is pertinent to ask is what are the reasons behind the need to the government to get Dr Jindal to retire, when he still has two years of service left.

Not to long ago Dr Sanjiv Dalvi – a known Parrikar sympathiser was appointed as the Director of the Directorate of Health Services, even though another good contender would have been Dr Runando DeSa.

Similarly in the appointment of the State Information Officer, P.R. Nadkarni, yet another Parrikar sympathizer was approved by the Parrikar appointed committee. The timely revelation and subsequent legal action of the RTI activist had Nadkarni withdrawing from the race; while Parrikar put on a brave face saying that,”because of the baseless allegations made on him, a man of Nadkarni’s stature and credibility had to withdraw.” But what Parrikar failed to do, if he was so sure about the candidate approved by the committee then he should have continued with Nadkarni, but he did not.

It considered to be a normal practice of government to appoint their sympathisers or party-men in government positions. However, in the case of Dr Jindal and the seriousness of a subject like healthcare, should political preference or interference be allowed.


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