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Partymen Criticise CM


Chief Minister Digambar Kamat came under severe criticism from his own partymen for mishandling the Tribals agitation at Balli on Wednesday where two activists were burnt to death.
Chairmen of two government Corporations have threatened to quit from their posts if the demands put forth by the United Tribals Associations Alliance are not fulfilled within 10 days.

Congress MLA Pandurang Madkaikar who is the chairman of the State Tribal Commission, said he would quit from the post if the government does not fulfill the demands and condemned the manner in which the agitation was handled on Wednesday.
Incidentally, though Madkaikar was appointed chairman of the commission, he was not provided with an office or staff and that was done only on Wednesday afternoon after the tribals began their agitation at Balli.
Goa Pradesh Congress Committee General Secretary Vishnu Surya Wagh said he will quit the party position and other public offices if the demands of the tribals are not resolved within 10 days.
While condemning the manner in which the issue was handled by the administration, Wagh opined that Digambar Kamat had lost the moral right to continue to be the chief minister of Goa.
Wagh is the chairman of the Other Backward Classes Corporation said he would quit from the post if the tribals’ demands are not fulfilled.
Another Congress leader Kanta Gawade alleged that Kamat had failed miserably in handling the issues and also added that he lost the right to continue as Chief Minister.
Goa Pradesh Congress Committee President Subhash Shirodkar also was dissatisfied with the handling of the issue and asserted that the demands put forth by United Tribals Associations Alliance were totally justified and the government should concentrate on fulfilling them.
“There are agitations in Goa, but never have they taken such a turn,” he said while regretting what happened on Wednesday.


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