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Patna tops the list as city in India with most number of murders committed: NCRB

New Delhi: The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) in its annual report released here on Tuesday placed Patna at first place followed by Nagpur at second place in terms of the number of murders committed per one lakh population, as per the data for 2019.

Bihar’s capital Patna, topped the list as it had 4.7 murders per one lakh population, while Nagpur had 3.6 murders per one lakh population. In Delhi, the rate was 3.1, in Jaipur 3.0 and in Lucknow 2.6, the data for 2019 revealed.

Other cities from Maharashtra, Mumbai and Pune are also among the top 20 cities in the country in terms of number of murders per lakh of population. Pune is placed 13th and Mumbai 17th. In Pune, there were 1.5 murder cases per one lakh population. In metropolitan Mumbai, the figure was just 0.9.

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