Patnem-Colomb Beach

Bored with the monotonous buzz of life, I was up for an adventure on a long festive weekend, somewhere away from the city and the noise that comes with it.. some place quiet, tranquil and heavenly. After a little research, I closed in on my weekend getaway destination, the Patnem-Colomb Beach.
6889_1The Patnem-Colomb Bay is a blend of two beaches, the Patnem beach, which is 1 km long, and the less than a kilometre, Colomb beach. The curve of the beaches form a horseshoe shape; with the towering palm groves blending beautifully with the clear emerald waters. Here I knew I will have plenty of space to rejuvenate, relax, and do what I love to do the most, philosophize!
I excitedly started off my journey from Panjim to my destination. Precisely, it is 72 kms from6889_2 Panaji and about 40 kms from Margao, the commercial hub of South Goa. To get to Patnem Colomb, you will have to make a stop at Palolem first. Getting to Palolem is easy as there are direct buses from Margao daily. The best option however, is to take a bike as this will also provide easy access locally. When I finally got to my destination, I knew I had made just the right choice.
6889_3The Patnem Beach, about a kilometre long at best, lies to the south of the Colomb Beach itself. It is the southernmost developed Beach in Goa. Located between cliffs, the Patnem Beach is just a 25-minute walk away from the Palolem Beach.
On the other hand, Colomb Beach Bay is a picture perfect little fishing village that is located around a small lagoon and the north end of Patnem beach, in south Goa.
Usually a sleepy, closed community of fishermen most of the year; the scene changes every November, to say the least, it get very commercialized; as locals move out of their houses and rent them to families of foreigners. Furthermore, restaurants and beach huts get rebuilt and the tourist season commences full throttle.
A small cove, the Colomb Beach, is mostly rocky terrain. Colomb bay is preferred by young families and long term travellers alike. A friendly 6889_4locale, clean, with a welcoming vibe, makes it a completely relaxing beach holiday destination.
Colomb boasts some lovely dining options, like the predominantly Kashmiri restaurant at Secret Garden, the Italian-run Magic View, Swiss-run Hidden Gourmet and the ever-popular Laguna Vista and Boom Shankar. The northern end of the bay is bordered by Neptune’s Point, the rocky outcrop that separates Colomb from Palolem beach. Neptune’s Point is home to the famous Silent Noise weekly headphone parties, as well as some other favourite restaurants and resorts. The southern end of the bay borders on the northern end of Patnem beach.
6889_5There are a dozen or so restaurants on the beach. Most of them offer beach huts on rent. You may also be able to catch a very modest wave here if you are into surfing. The surfing equipments are available on rent at the shacks. Canoes and boats may also be available for rent. There are plenty of accommodation options at Patnem beach but most tourist prefer to stay at Palolem. However, do not follow this trend because staying in Patnem has two advantages, the accommodations here are cheaper and the scenery at Patnem beats that of Palolem. If you6889_6 are on a long vacation, you will save more by renting a house or a room (attached with bathroom and kitchen). The guesthouses are also reportedly quite economical. But the best bet would be the beach houses with the Mountain Palms, Parvai Huts and Home being the most popular.
6889_7As I delightfully planned my schedule (I know I am on a holiday and so I should switch off my body clock for once), I began my day by taking a nice relaxing stroll by the beach and then decided to laze under the swaying palms and read a book on the lounger. Later, I explored the blue sea by taking a short swim as the water is absolutely safe to take a plunge.
If you are up for more pampering as I was, you could even try the amazingly relaxing Ayurvedic massages offered there and even take up yoga classes, which are easily available.
I have returned tanned, but glowing on the outside after a very satisfying and relaxing weekend.

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