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Pawar dangles cheese, Mickky wait please

It’s been over two months since the National Congress Party’s (NCP) high command had asked its coalition politics partner the Congress led government in Goa to replace the existing two NCP elected ministers Jose Philip Desouza, revenue minister and Nilkanth Halankar, tourism minister from the cabinet and instead induct Mickky Pacheco, the then tourism minister who was asked to resign on suspicions of his involvement in the death of his close friend Nadia Torrado.
 While indiscipline was the reason cited by the NCP leaders, sources indicate that the incognito meeting of the two NCP ministers with Congress MLAs and rumors fuelled doubts that the two ministers were shifting to Congress camp were reasons to come under decisive hammer. In all this Mickky Pacheco and his supporters go their hopes high in anticipation that their erstwhile leader will be back in the minister seat. Their wait however continues and the despair in the Mickky Pacheco camp continues to grow.

Growing frustrated Mickky led supporters in NCP Goa at the start of last week issued an ultimatum to the NCP high command that Mickky needs to be inducted before the end of the week or a large number of NCP members would break-away from the party and join their leader in forming a new third-front party. While Mickky and supporters did put up bravado act; come the end of the week, peacemaker Praful Patel calmed the situation with assurances and took yet another week from Mickky and his NCP supporters. Funnily, though in all Mickky’s antics a large group of senior NCP leaders in Goa not aligned to the few NCP members looking to breakaway if their demands are not addressed, are growing impatient and quite irritated about the entire Mickky demands and progress, as nothing else in the party is progressing. As expressed by a senior member on condition of anonymity, “Mickky needs to understand that the high command has it priorities and will attend to each priority according to its merit. But if Mickky believes he can muscle his way into getting his demands, he might just end up being disappointed, because sometimes in the larger interest of a National party, local leaders and concerns will go unnoticed.”
On speaking to Surendra Sirsat, president, NCP Goa this morning, we were given to understand that hopefully by Saturday there would be some clarity to the way forward; though he did mention the Sharad Pawar will be busy with ICC World Cup this week and Praful Patel with some personal obligations. Indicating though Saturday is the expected day, there is a possibility that the Saturday could become next week or maybe another month.
Very close sources in the NCP high command indicate that both Sharad Pawar and Praful Patel will continue to by time on the issue and will also be successful in convincing Mickky have patience, as it was at their behest that he allowed his cheese to be moved, now Mickky continues to wait for his cheese.


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