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PCF demands scrapping of RP 2021

The Pilerne Citizens Forum (PCF) has demanded that the notified Regional Plan 2021 be scrapped within 15 days. “If the plan is not scrapped within 15 days, we will bring people on the roads,” said Prakash Bandodkar, PCF president. “The government will then be responsible for whatever happens,” he added.

Yatish Naik, legal advisor of PCF said, “This plan has to be scrapped. The draft Regional Plan was good. The state-level committee (SLC) has made additions and subtractions.” Naik further said the draft plan of the task force should be used as a base and a new plan be framed incorporating the suggestions of the village-level committees and the gram Sabha of Panchayats.
Edgar Ribeiro, the only independent town planner on both the task force and SLC resigned from both stating that the SLC plan was ‘skewed’. “The final notified plan contains lots of changes that are manipulated. How many corrections will you make? We demand that this plan be scrapped,” he added.
“Goa is in a danger zone due to vested interests who only care for their political interests and the lobbies they represent,” said Naik.
He said the PCF was opposed to the Goa Bachao Abhiyan stand of making the necessary changes to the RP 2021 and demanded that the entire plan be scrapped.
Paul Fernandes, coordinator of PCF said, “They have marked the entire Porvorim plateau as settlement zone. Have they thought of the damage it will cause to the villages of Pilerne and Britona which lie below on either side of the plateau?”

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