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People of UT will reject communal forces : Narayanasamy

Puducherry: Former Puducherry Chief Minister V Narayanasamy on Tuesday said that the people of Union Territory will reject communal forces.

Talking to news persons after casting his vote along with his daughter Vijayakumari, Mr Narayanasamy said the Secular Democratic Alliance (SDA) is fighting the Assembly election against the communal forces.

SDA sought support of the people by promising statehood, waiver of Puducherry’s legacy loan, development of the UT and among others while, the alliance of the ‘opportunistic’ N R Congress and BJP do not have unity among them and canvassed separately, he said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and other BJP leaders who visited Puducherry undertook electioneering for the party candidates only and not for the alliance candidates like the NR Congress and AIADMK.

The BJP is trying to come to power in the UT utilizing its money power and ‘misusing’ official powers, he alleged.

The former Chief Minister said, deliberately, the BJP is conducting IT raids on the residences of contesting candidates, threatening others and unleashing atrocities, he alleged, adding that this ‘atrocities’ of the BJP should be brought to an end.

Mr Narayanasamy expressed hope that the people will elect the SDA and they will reject the communal forces in the UT.

Meanwhile, as usual, Mr Rangaswamy came to the booth near his house on his Yamaha bike and waited at the booth after informing the authorities that after 0810 hours, time is auspicious for him.

Accordingly, the poll authorities allowed him to cast his vote at 0815 hours.

There was a bit delay for the voters to exercise their franchise as they will have to follow the COVID protocol.

Unlike in the past elections, they will have to stand in the queues this time by maintaining social distancing, check their temperature using a thermal scanner, sanitize their hands and then wear glove for the right hand and exercise their franchise ,which is taking a bit time.

Since, an extra two hour polling time was allotted by the Election Commission, more voting percentage, compared to the previous election, was expected.


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