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People, Society & System – Part III

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What is the purpose of writing this article?

Religion is a burden on society for the common people of Bharat. The partition of India & Pakistan happened because of religious differences. The Hindus & other minorities are suffering in Pakistan on religious grounds. The problems in Jammu & Kashmir before the abrogation of Article 370 & 35A were created on religious grounds. Even in present times the desecration of Hindu temples & idols in Andhra Pradesh and other parts of India are happening because of religious differences.

The solution is Spiritual Hinduism – Humanity & Humane Sense. 


 I prayed to Allah asking for help but I said that I don’t know Azaan or Dua. I prayed to Jesus requesting that let the spirit guide me but I don’t go to Church or read Bible. I pray to Ram to protect me & my family because I cannot give up on my people, family & humanity. Also I pray to Divine Mother to guide me & the humanity on spiritual life & living.

This letter is needed but it is more important to connect with as many people as possible to share these ideas. These efforts give me peace & happiness because my purpose is to live in peaceful & happy society. I follow & practice spiritual life & living with the help of humanity.

  • I have put my life completely public; there is nothing secret about me.
  • I connect, interact & work with many people only to be in social-public life without any likes or dislikes.
  • I connect with families – to help & guide many families because happy families will make happy social environment.


Spiritual Religion – It is one of the work & purpose of my life.

Every person has hopes & wishes. Some desires are fulfilled and others need to be left. But at the end of the day every “Man & Woman” wants only good family life. To live with love & happiness with family is the success of life. The process of liberation or salvation is not possible without living a successful life. Spirituality is just a way of discovering & exploring the many aspects of life and the ways to live it successfully.

We need only humane sense.

We need faith in humanity to live successfully as good human being.

Life is God – Jesus Ram Allah

Why the struggle? #Jihad #Conversion

Why we need Terrorism & Evangelism?

We need Hinduism – Humanity & Humane Sense


Hinduism Islam Christianity – Large religious groups in Bharat nation. All the religions are same with humane sense & humanity. But the agenda & propaganda of Islamic Jihad & Christian conversions are the results of religious non-sense without humane sense. Hinduism is not a religion but a spiritual way of life which shows the path to rise above religion. I understand, follow & practice my religion in this way. Since every religion says the same thing so I follow all the religions with Hinduism.

  1. Christian Missionaries working in Bharat – in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, and other states there is news of many conversions.
  2. Many Hindu temples & idols are desecrated at many places and many incidents reported in Andhra Pradesh with the YSR Congress Party (YSCRP) government led by YS Jaganmohan Reddy as Chief Minister who got elected in May 2019.
  3. The demolition of Hindu temples happened earlier also. The Telugu Desam Party (TDP), which ruled during 2014-19 led by N Chandrababu Naidu was sympathetic to the cause of Muslims, had similar incidents, while the YSRCP is seen as a totally Christian supporting one. It is the game of power & politics for politicians but the common people who do not have problems with any religion are suffering.
  4. The common people want to live peacefully but the politicians or religious leaders create social polarisation by making religious differences only for their own selective interests & benefits. The common people follow their religion with humanity & humane sense.


Divine Mother & the children gods

A mother gives birth to a child – there is no other way. The child in the womb of mother only “experiences” the mother but that life doesn’t know anything. In the same way all the life on “Mother Earth” is created by Divine MotherMother Nature, she creates life & gives nourishment to continue life.

It is not necessary to recite the holy books by heart to know the God or to know anything about God. It is meaningless without humane sense. If a person cannot recognise the divinity of Mother then there is no meaning of Jesus Ram Allah.


How is it possible for the child in the womb of mother to understand the existence of mother? The understanding of mother is beyond the mind & logic of child. It is possible only in experience. There is no religion or holy book that can define Divine Mother. The Divine Mother can only be experienced with true love & devotion. Devotion comes from humane sense – it is sensible, science & spiritual.


Before making sense of imaginary God we must realise the real Divine Mother.


La ilaha illa-llah, Muhammadu-rasulu-llah

There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

What is the difference between God and Allah?

The Radical Islamists not only fight in the name of Allah but there is history of conflict about Messenger of Allah also. It is simply ignorance – Allah didn’t ask to fight.


Hallelujah – It means “Praise the Lord” Or not

The most dramatic use of “hallelujah” in the New Testament is as the keynote of the song sung by the great multitude in heaven in Revelation, celebrating God’s triumph over the Whore of Babylon.


The Holy or the Broken: Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, and the Unlikely Ascent of “Hallelujah”- by Alan Light, copyright 2012 by Alan Light, Published by Atria, an imprint of Simon and Schuster.

The Holy or the Broken is an interesting account of one of the most-performed rock songs in history—Leonard Cohen’s heartrending “Hallelujah.” Alan Light dove deep into the history of the song for his book.


Stories & mythologies of the world related to God & the Divine can be understood only by a conscious human being with humane sense. Without the necessary sense a human being is just a social animal in terms of modern science. Every Man can be a Father and every Woman can be a Mother but Father-Mother means nothing to the ignorant human being with animal instincts.


Humanity has fight against Evil Ignorance

Humane sense of Consciousness has fight against animal instincts of survival

It means solution is not fighting but educating & sharing life & living


God – Religion & Faith

The purpose of writing such an article is because of two reasons –

  1. The people do not get divided in the name of religion and fight with each other.
  2. The people do not lose faith in the divine spiritual energy.


I am not a spiritual leader or enlightened human being. I am not a Vedic scholar, I don’t know classical texts of astrology, and I don’t claim to have any secret knowledge, no Kundalini awakening, and no power of any mantra, tantra or yantra. Instead I have realised it absolutely clear that I am nothing & nobody so I work with absolutely no self- importance or any interest. I simply share my ideas & experiences with other people that are my service to people, society & nation in my capacity. I just try to do it honestly and simply being myself giving up all fake identities.


I am a simple devotee of Divine Mother. She has given birth to the universe or in other words she is the source of creation – The Shakti. She is the Mother Nature who is the creator. I am blessed to have suffered & survived physical, mental, emotional & psychological pain, losses, misery, disaster & death in ways which is not normal. These experiences helped me to understand & live the life and not the drama of my opinions & emotions.  In very difficult times of life my faith kept me alive and so I never hurt the sentiments of faith of anyone. It is important to have good faith that can be trusted & followed because no faith can be followed blindly.


Devotion has its own intelligence. My faith and devotion to Divine Mother gave me good intelligence to understand life and live a good life. So every Hindu, Muslim, Christian or the follower of any other religion should have true & pure devotion.

Sometime in history there was a great civilisation of Bharat with great heritage of culture & tradition. The people in those times lived happily with love and peace simply because they had humane sense – it is sensible, science and spiritual. There was abundance of wealth, prosperity, knowledge, wisdom, science & technology to live a good life. People followed and practiced Sanatan Dharma which is nothing but the eternal laws of Mother Nature. The people lived spiritual life and they performed Karma or actions consciously.

But someday religion confused the spiritual people and ignorance became a living reality in flesh and bone which became a new generation of ignorant human beings. The ignorant people without humane sense could not understand principles of life and energy and slowly the logic became the only intelligence parameter. Humans without humane sense degraded to animal instinct so much that today the Truth has to prove itself for approval in the court of law.


Jesus Ram Allah wants an honest follower

Honest people do follow & practice devotion truly

We need Sanatan Dharma – The Eternal laws of Mother Nature

Dharma is simply Karma


Author: Ravi Kumar

I am an astrologer and spiritual seeker. I’m devoted to Bharat Mata. I know that I know nothing, I can do nothing, I have nothing and I want nothing. I seek truth only and only that with humane sense is sensible, science & spiritual.


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