Petrol, diesel prices steady

New Delhi: Prices of petrol and diesel prices across the nation were steady on Friday after witnessing a increase for two days in a row.

Yesterday, petrol prices in Delhi rose to reacord high of Rs 84.20 per litre. Earlier, the highest price of petrol was Rs 84 per litre on October 4, 2018. After October 4, 2018, fuel prices in Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata also stayed at the highest level.

Yesterday, diesel prices and petrol prices went up from 26 to 29 paise and 21 paise to 24 paise respectively. The oil companies had revised the fuel rates’ after a 29 days pause on Wednesday.

In the past two days, petrol and diesel prices increased by 49 paise and 51 paise per litre respectively.
Cost of petrol and diesel in the four metro cities of the Country :

City Petrol Diesel

Delhi 84.20 74.38

Mumbai 90.83 81.07

Chennai 86.96 79.72

Kolkata 85.68 77.97

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