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PI Vast Threatens Magistrate

The Special Judicial Magistrate Maria Mascarenhas has complained to the police that she was threatened with dire consequences if she did not change the dying declaration of police constable Chandru Gawas and named Police Inspector Pravin Vast to be behind the threat.
In her complaint, she stated that a man called on her at her residence on Tuesday at around 11 pm after Chandru died and asked her to change his dying declaration recorded by her earlier and pointed out that a criminal case would be registered against Vast if the same was not done.
When Maria quipped that the officer will have to face the consequences if he was responsible for it, the man reportedly threatened the Special Judicial Magistrate with dire consequences.
The magistrate has demanded immediate action against the police officer and also demanded security for her family which includes two minor daughters, one three-and-a-half year old and the other only 14 days old.

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