Pioneer Rishi Rich’s Music Label Launched Raveena Mehta’s New Song Jab Tu Hai Wahi

After the blooming success of Yaadein with Avitesh Shrivastava and Aaja Mere Naal with Rishabh Kant, singer Raveena Mehta is back to beguile her audiences with a new sensational song ‘Jab Tu Hai Wahi’. This futuristic-fusion track is produced by the legend, Rishi Rich. Rishi has changed the landscape for urban desi music since the early 2000s and is a pioneer in the industry. Furthermore, Jab Tu hai Wahi was shot in just one day at home, mid-lockdown and with no doubt, Raveena is mesmerizing her fans, yet again.

Jab Tu Hai Wahi Song Poster

Break The Noise Records, released the track on the 13th of August 2020. When asked about the song, and its meaning; Singer Raveena Mehta said, “Jab Tu Hai Wahi is a powerful ballad about reminiscence,” she added, “In my opinion, this is a very powerful female-led track. It showcases strength and passion however also vulnerability and emotion. This song ultimately takes you on an emotional journey; which is what makes it very special.” Raveena added, “It has been such an honor to have had the opportunity to work with a legend like Rishi; his music is what inspired me very early on while I was living in Belgium to want to amalgamate my Indian and Western roots into my music one day.”

Jab Tu Hai Wahi – Official Music Video | Raveena Mehta x Rishi Rich | Break The Noise Records

YouTube Link: www.youtube.com/watchv=HSj7OOfcL2k&feature=youtu.be

When we asked producer Rishi Rich about his experience working with Raveena, he said, “It’s been two years since I set my ears on Raveena’s talent and we kept in touch. The one thing I immediately loved about Raveena was her vocal tone. I always expressed that when we would work together it would be for something fresh, futuristic, and very cool. She sounded very unique to me and as soon as we had a vibe going in the studio I knew we had the track for Raveena. It’s been so great seeing her develop and the key to her success will not only be her artistry but more to the fact that she’s willing to learn, and she truly is a great artist to work with.”

Due to Lockdown restrictions in Mumbai, India, this song was shot at Raveena Mehta’s home, but this fosters authenticity in the music video. The genre of this song is Indian/Fusion RnB and is beautifully written and composed by Kiranee and Amit Dhanani. The music video is wonderfully directed by Chhavi Sharma, shot by Rameshwar R and edited by Oswin Revered. Throughout the video, you will see Raveena wearing amazing couture, styled by DimpleAmrin. Don’t forget to watch this music video on Break the Noice Recors’s Youtube channel today.

About Break The Noise Records
Break The Noise Records is an innovative record label with an eclectic musical mix that weaves together East and West elements based on an international framework and sound. This exciting musical endeavor has been put together by a pioneer of the Asian-R&B fusion music and Desi movement Rishi Rich, singer-songwriter for over 10 years Kiranee, and Mumbai based executive producer RDV. One of the key aspects of Break The Noise Records is its passion for developing undiscovered and/or emerging talent along with supporting independent artists around the world. Working hand in hand with Believe Distribution; this new and inspiring collaboration is certain to deliver great music to its listeners whilst continuing to develop and mould the artists of tomorrow.

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