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PJAG’s Worksop On ‘Scientific Photography’ Held


The Photo Journalists Association Goa (PJAG) in collaboration with the Association of Friends of Astronomy and Department of Science, Technology and Environment, Government of Goa organized a unique ‘Scientific Photography Workshop’ for its members at the Public Astronomical Observatory, Junta House in Panjim on Tuesday.

The workshop was conducted by noted astro-photographer and researcher Rakesh Rao of the Association of Friends of Astronomy along with Govind Potekar and Satish Naik.
Rakesh Rao during his slide show presentation explained the different aspects of astro photography and highlighted various phenomenons affecting the sky with desired and appropriate examples. The workshop also focused on Celestial Event Photography and the different techniques involved in shooting distant stars, planets and star trails. The resource persons also explained the various filters used in astro photography and others technical mechanisms.
The workshop was followed by an interactive session between the resource persons and the PJAG members.


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