Placio Offers Multi-cultural Conducive Living for Students

Placio empowers students from North-East India to proudly express their identity, build welcoming communities, promote values, and frame a course for nurtured lifelong memories. The students from ‘Seven Sister’ states from North East India (collectively Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, and Tripura) are safe and secure at our ‘multi-cultural inclusive student housing’.



Ankush Arora & Rohit Pateria – Founders of Placio


Multicultural student housing’ means that students from different states and with different cultural and religious background share Placio’s student housing. These purpose-built students housing is designed specifically by Placio to meet their unique needs as customs and habits of individuals vary. Some students from North-East India coming to Placio have already lived with other students, while for others it is the first time living without their families.


Ankush Arora & Rohit Pateria – Founders of Placio

According to Rohit Pateria & Ankush Arora, Co-founders of the company – “Placio celebrates diversity without division; appreciates similarities and differences with awareness and understanding. Development, education and celebration are all part of student living at our housing where different communities bring together a wide array of individuals having diverse cultures, backgrounds, interests, perspectives and life experiences. The result is a safe, inclusive, multicultural bonding experience improving the quality of life with positive, inclusive and diverse student communities building bonds for life. At Placio, safety & accommodation are prime concerns for the outstation students especially from North-East India because students and professionals, from this region, who ventured out to the metro cities often faced discrimination. We would say approximately 5 to 6% of our residents are north-eastern and we understand their concerns regarding safety and food habits to which Placio gives its utmost priority. Our takeover of Paco Meals also is with the intention of providing meals to suit their palate.”


The varying personal habits of students from different cultural backgrounds result in an interesting blend of thoughts and expressionsat Placio – a harmonious community. A safe space for all students to come together creates a community which supports positive interventions – increased understanding of individual identity creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience for students to grow and develop. Students also benefit from the opportunity to learn about other tradition, cultures and lifestyles, form-lifelong friendships and foster lasting memories. The concepts of self-respect and respect for others, tolerance of and celebration of diversity, ethical behaviour and personal growth are fostered via Placio’s staff intervention. The result is a multi-dimensional experience.


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About Placio

Placio is a Student Housing start-up providing lifestyle experience thus redefining hospitality by offering modern and secured concept of co-living. The digital platform curates modern living spaces, fully-furnished rooms, private rooms and personal apartments in some of the best localities in and around university campuses with trailblazing amenities. Placio is incubated by Amity Business Incubator and the company currently manages 15+ properties.


Placio was founded in March 2016 by Rohit Pateria & Ankush Arora, Rohit a qualified CA having 18 Years of working experience in companies like Standard Chartered and Edelweiss at leadership positions and Ankush Arora, a post graduate in hospitality having 17 years of working experience in companies like Angel Broking and Century 21 Real Estate LLC (USA) at senior management level.

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