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Planned Development Of Coastal Areas

After realizing the perils of the haphazard development of the coastal areas in the State, the Tourism Department is now proposing to step in to give some semblance of planning in order to make the coastal areas visibly appealing.
It is learnt that the Department has now constituted a committee that will design the infrastructure for all the beaches in Goa in consultation with the stake holders including the local MLA. The committee will include an architect and an engineer to prepare the design and also an artist to give creative inputs.

This committee will initially work on projects undertaken through assistance from the Centre and it is proposed to adopt the Chandigarh and Jaipur patterns where structures have similar design and colour.
However, what needs to be seen is whether the cell will ensure that the beach shacks allotted by the Tourism Department every year, stick to the design and specifications mentioned in the permission and whether they are aesthetically constructed.

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