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Planning For Future While Preserving the Present: Thrust of the Plan: Govt.


The State Level Committee (SLC) for Regional Plan 2021 has acted judiciously keeping in mind the growth projections and what would be the actual requirement while preparing the Plans, clarified Nodal Officer for RP 2021 Sanjith Rodrigues.
The thrust has been to phase out mining while at the same time stem migration to the towns from these areas by developing these areas. Towards this end better road connectivity is envisaged through a growth corridor that will be connecting Tivim in the North to Balli in the South.

To supplement this growth corridor, growth centres are proposed at Pernem, Dharbandora and Balli which are aimed at not only developing the hinterland of the State but also to inhibit the tendency to migrate to the towns.
However, in a bid to curb speculative investment, in the growth centre, for development of any huge area, the FAR permitted will be only 10 per cent though the exact area has not yet been finalized.
CUTTING DOWN DEMAND: While pointing out that there was a huge demand for land, the SLC has been very judicious while evaluating these demands and cited the case of Morjim village. Morjim which has caught the world’s attention because of the turtle nesting site, currently  has 20,33,849 square metres of area as settlement zone. The demand was to increase this by another 19,14,231 square metres of land. However, the SLC has released on 6,28,297 square metres.
ECO ZONES: Sanjith stated that nearly 80 per cent of the land mass as been designated as No Development zone with 54 per cent of it coming under Eco-I zone and 26 per cent in Eco-II zone which he said was done with the aim of preserving Goa rather than merely using this opportunity to map the villages.
CRZ: He also disclosed that the CRZ Line will be marked on the survey maps showing clearly the concerned survey number of the property.


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