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Plant Takes Lord Ganesha’s Shape

We’ve heard of Ganapati idols made from clay or even plaster of Paris, but none in the form of landscape designer Daniel D’Souza’s unique plant. He claims that his 18 year old Adenium plant belonging to the cactus family, has take the shape of the Lord of Wisdom very naturally. 
“This is not its usual form and nothing has been done to it. The specimen has attained this shape in the most natural way,” he said.

It may have been nature’s way of paying homage to Ganapati, but landscaper Daniel D’Souza firmly believes that it is his personal belief in Hinduism that has given him this unique gift. Though he had an offer to buy the plant for ` 1,00,000/- he refused it.
The Adenium plant is native of East Africa and Arabia and is also found in wild West Africa specially in Sengal and Nigeria. It is also called ‘Desert Rose’.


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