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Playboy Club is a Glorified Dance Bar: Calangute MLA


Taking a very strong stance which might also be contrary to a stand that his government might take, Calangute MLA Michael Lobo has decided to intensify his movement against the popular adult entertainment night-club ‘Playboy Club’ which will be making its first presence in India at Goa.

Speaking exclusively to, Lobo stated, “Playboy Clubs are nothing but glorified dance bars with better crowds. The fact is that these clubs are adult-entertainment clubs, which do not blend with the culture of Goa. World over women working at these clubs are scantily dressed and are objects of titillation for men and their entertainment. While it camouflages itself as a night-club for entertainment, it actually promotes sex tourism. And we don’t want Goa to be known as a Mini-Bangkok”.

Further elaborating on the issue, “I have closed down dance bars and prostitution rackets in Calangute because that is what the people of my constituency are against. We feel the same about the Playboy Club. I have faith in the Chief Minister to take a wise-decision in not allowing Playboy Club to come in Goa, even if the Tourism Minister appears to be keen in allowing this concept to come to Goa.”

If however the government takes a stand to allow the club to come to Goa, then I will sit on an indefinite hunger-strike and take the issue to the people of Goa. Let the people decide on the future tourism concepts that need to promote Goa in the right-way, expressed Lobo.


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