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PM challenges Oppn to disclose his ‘benami’ property

Ballia, May 14(GCCurrentAffairs) Prime Minister Narendra Modi has challenged the Opposition to disclose any benami, farm house, shopping complex or foreign property on his name.

“I have never dreamt of becoming rich by looting the people of the country but instead I want to serve the poor of the nation to give them all the facilities, I did not get during my childhood as a poor,” he said.

” I challenge these Mahamilavat people to prove that I have built a farmhouse, have money stashed in foreign banks or own any property in foreign lands. I have never dreamt of richness,” he further said. But on the other hand, the Opposition leaders have built bungalows and other assets besides helping their relatives to amass money during their short term of ruling which shows their real intention, he alleged.

Addressing an election meeting here on Tuesday, Mr Modi said ,” I have turned baghi( revolt) for the poor of the country like Ballia is known as Baghi Ballia during the British period.”

I have only one caste ‘poverty’, that is why I have rebelled against poverty,” he said, while lambasting the Opposition for asking about his caste.

“I have fought a number of elections, but never took support of my caste. My aim is to take India forward,” he said.

He said these ‘mahamilavatis’ are asking for Modi’s caste? “I’ve been the CM for a longer time than both ‘Bua-Babua’ together have. I’ve contested and helped many in contesting elections but never used my caste for support,” he claimed.

While hitting the SP-BSP claiming that their only motive to join hands was to cover up their corruption and save their family members involved in corruption, the PM said, “Not a day passes when they do not abuse Modi. The reply to their abuses will be given by the people of India in this elections when after May 23 they will again abuse each other.”

“When I reached Delhi late last night and was watching television, SP-BSP workers were fighting with each other, and the elections aren’t even over yet. It is just a trailor before the May 23 results,” he claimed.

On issues before the opposition and whether they have any plan on the security aspect of the country, he said,” Today we have taken the fight against terrorism across the borders. But have you seen SP-BSP talk about national security during these elections?.”

“We have replied by surgical strike and then by air strike which forced the terrorists to go in hiding and praying that Modi is defeated. Besides, these Opposition too are helping the terrorists to gain their power by fighting against the country ,” he said.

‘When these parties— SP and BSP— cannot control the goondas of the streets in UP then how will anyone think about controlling these terrorists,” he claimed.

Appealing to the people to support the BJP in the elections, the PM said, “I don’t want your children to face the same problem of poverty that I had faced in my childhood. We have to change and make this country a developed nation.”

Via UNI-India

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