PM Modi Encourages Students of Christel House to Follow Sports Along with Studies

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met students of Christel House India – Naya Raipur after he inaugurated the city’s new Integrated Command and Control Centre. Christel House India is transforming the lives of impoverished children by breaking the cycle of poverty and creating self-sufficient, contributing members of society.


The Prime Minister emphasized that students must not only concentrate on studies but also be well-rounded. He advised that they participate in sports, inculcate cleanliness in their daily routines and champion the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan clean-up campaign in their communities.



Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi with the Students from Christel House at Naya Raipur


This was a one-in-a-lifetime experience for our students,” said Christel DeHaan, Founder and CEO, Christel House International. “Prime Minister Modi’s message stressed health, hygiene, holistic education and community service-all important components of the Christel House model. We thank Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh and the Government of Chhattisgarh for giving us the opportunity to transform the lives of impoverished children in Naya Raipur.”


After interacting with children, Modi’s Twitter handle (@narendramodi) read: “Interacting with India’s youth convinces me that the future of our nation is bright! 


Jaison Mathew, CEO of Christel House India, said, “Our mission is a noble one. Children do not choose to be born into poverty. Providing the pathway to a better life will not only impact these children, but also their families and future generations. Christel House is investing in India’s future.”


The Christel House Holistic Model

Christel House works on a holistic education model. It delivers high impact education, transportation, medical care, books, nutrition, stationery and uniforms to the students. In addition to arduous academics, students receive complete health services like vaccinations, medical check-ups, and mental health services as and when required. The students are provided with breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and milk on a daily basis. These amenities add to students’ success as well-nourished children hold greater chance to derive their fullest physical, cognitive and socio-emotional potential. Moreover, all these services are free of cost.


Student support does not end upon graduation. The College & Careers program involves screening students for specific skills and aptitude and assists them to join universities and vocational training options based on their academic interests and capabilities. All graduates receive Scholarships and academic support to pursue their university education and finally, job placements under the Christel House College & Careers Program. Christel House graduates now work in top multi-national companies and some of them have also turned into entrepreneurs-Christel House breaks the cycle of poverty for generations to come.


Deloitte Study

Recently, the education and CSR domain experts from global management consulting firm Deloitte conducted a sixteen-week-long study on the efficacy of Christel House India’s programs and services. The study validates the Christel House approach to sustainable transformation and breaking the cycle of poverty. According to the study, a student starting primary education in Christel House Bangalore is 8 times more likely to successfully complete the school-leaving (Class 12) examination and 19 times more likely to graduate from a tertiary education program as compared to a government school student. The study also examined other NGOs and government schools serving a similar demographic. As per the study, students at Christel House Bangalore are over 25% more likely to pass the Class 10 examination, and 50% more likely to pass the Class 12 examination than students of government schools serving a similar demographic.


About Christel House India

Christel House India was established in Bangalore in 2001. Beginning with 320 students, today it is around 860 students-strong from KG to Grade 12. The medium of instruction is English, and there is a strong emphasis on Experiential Learning and Value Education. Christel House India is a secular school.


The mission of Christel House is to help impoverished children become self-sufficient members of society. Christel House provides robust K-12 education, character development, health care and nutrition, family assistance, financial support for University education, career guidance and job placement.


Christel House schools impact the lives of impoverished children utilizing research-based best practices with a focus on holistic human development. They offer students a pathway to become contributing members of society and change the lives of generations to come.


About Christel DeHaan

Christel DeHaan, who emigrated from Germany to the United States in 1962, is an accomplished business woman, community leader and philanthropist. As co-founder of Resort Condominiums International (RCI), she is known for her contributions to the travel and tourism industry. Under her leadership, RCI grew into a global enterprise with offices in 38 countries. She sold RCI in 1996, and since that time has devoted her time, energy and financial resources to philanthropy.


A proponent of social responsibility, Christel founded Christel House International in 1998 as a way to deploy her resources and business skills to cause transformation and intergenerational change. The CH locations were selected as her way of giving back to countries that played a significant role in her commercial success. By covering all of the organization’s administrative and fundraising expenses, she assures donors that 100% of their donations will go to programs benefiting students. Christel is driven by a passion for excellence, and as a result CH is widely recognized as a charity operating with the highest degree of accountability and effectiveness.


In addition to her work and devotion to Christel House, Christel is known for her generosity to the arts in central Indiana, and has served on numerous local and national boards. Her accomplishments in the corporate, educational and philanthropic sectors have earned her numerous awards and recognition.  She holds three honorary doctorate degrees-from Marian College (now Marian University), the University of Indianapolis and the University of Nottingham, England. 


Christel DeHaan has a simple philosophy – to care, to share, to make a difference.


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