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PM Modi posts four requests for countrymen in his ‘Tika Utsav’ message

New Delhi: As the ‘Tika Utsav’ (Vaccine festival) begins from Sunday to intensify the Coronavirus vaccinations in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi posted his four requests to the countrymen in a statement along with his Twitter message.


“Today, we are starting the Tika Utsav across the country. In this round of the fight against corona, I have four requests…” PM Modi said, attaching a statement where these requests were posted: Each One- Vaccinate One, Each One- Treat One, Each One- Save One, and creation of micro-containment zones.

In his first request, Mr Modi said Each One-Vaccinate One means helping those (such as less educated and old) who cannot get themselves vaccinated.

Each One-Treat One is about helping those who do not have the means to or do not know about the facilities available, for vaccination.

Under the third request, Each One-Save One appealing for wearing masks that will help saves the lives of the people.

PM Modi said his fourth request as people must lead in the creation of micro-containment zones. Wherever a Covid-19 positive case has been reported, people of that family and locality must create a micro-containment zone.

He also stressed to give special emphasis on personal hygiene as well as social hygiene, saying he has full confidence that with the people’s participation, awareness, and fulfilling our responsibility, we will again be successful in containing coronavirus.


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