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PM Modi throws a challenge to Opposition to raise ‘No Confidence’ motion in 2024

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday virtually threw a challenge to the united opposition saying they can bring another No Confidence Motion against his government only by the year 2024 – when his government is supposed to complete 10 years in power.

“I invite all opposition leaders to bring another No Trust Motion against my government in 2024,” Prime Minister said wrapping up his over one-and-half an hour speech.

In his response, Prime Minister targeted Congress President Rahul Gandhi and also Sonia Gandhi and charged that the Congress party has always been involved in destabilising non-Congress governments.

In this context, Prime Minister said in 1999 Sonia Gandhi had said that she had 272 members which later turned out to be only a false claim.

Referring to Rahul Gandhi’s speech made earlier in the House, Prime Minister said his remarks against armed forces by dismissing the surgical strike against Pakistan as ‘Jumla strike’ was unbecoming of a remark of a public leader.
Using the Hindi phrase ‘bachpana (childish)’, Prime Minister said Congress President’s remarks that French President Emmanuel Macron informed him about “no secrecy” treaty on Rafale deal was also not correct.

“The gravity of the situation ought to be understood that governments in two nations had to issue statements discounting his statement,” Modi said amid frequent objections and ruckus from the opposition members.
“I pray that such childish statements are not repeated,” he said.

Displaying his vintage touch against the Congress and especially its President Rahul Gandhi, Prime Minister waxed eloquently and said: “as a poor mother’s son, how can I see eye to eye to someone like you”.

“And those who talk about seeing eye to eye was today found winking in the House,” Mr Modi said repeatedly making gestures.

Prime Minister also said the manner in which Rahul Gandhi had crossed over to the treasury bench and gestured him (PM) to be up on his feet only displayed “ahankar (arrogance)” of an unprecedented scale.

Mocking Gandhi’s ‘hug’ – the video of which went viral on social media and television, the Prime Minister said, ”Basking in arrogance, such people do not commoners and think themselves as God.”

On Gandhi saying that the Prime Minister could not see ‘eye to eye’ with him, he said, ”How can a kaamgar put eye in eye in the Namdar. Look at the fate met by those who did so.

“What did the Congress do with the leaders who tried to put ‘eye to eye’ with the top leadership be it Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Jaiprakash Narayan, Chandrashekhar or Pranab Mukherjee.”

Charging the Congress with using ‘objectionable’ language for the Indian army, Modi said the language used for the Army was not up to the mark. “If you have to abuse me, abuse me, but do not do to the army. How can you say jumala to surgical strike. It is an insult to the army.”

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