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Poland starting to lift many of its coronavirus restrictions

Warsaw: Poland is starting to lift many of its coronavirus restrictions.

Due to the high number of detected COVID-19 cases, the Polish government announced a nationwide quarantine in March. A lockdown was introduced throughout the country. Shopping facilities were closed, except for grocery stores and pharmacies, bars, cafes and restaurants could only work for takeaway. Hotels and hostels were closed, gatherings of more than five people were banned, wearing masks became mandatory, including on the street. Educational institutions switched to remote learning.

Having recorded a significant decrease in the incidence at the end of April, the authorities decided to gradually ease the epidemiological restrictions. From May 1, it will be possible to play sports in the open air and in closed facilities. From May 4, shopping centers, construction stores and other retail facilities will open. Also, from May 4, art galleries, museums and other cultural facilities will resume work.

On May 15, restaurants and cafes will open, where visitors can only be served outdoors, and not indoors. Also from May 15, theaters and outdoor cinemas will open.

Family events such as weddings will be allowed, but with a maximum of 25 people present. From May 15, students of grades 4-8 return to normal education, and all other schoolchildren – from May 29.

In the spring, the number of coronavirus carriers detected daily increased sharply in Poland. At the beginning of April, 35,251 cases of COVID-19 were recorded in the country per day, which was the highest figure since the beginning of the pandemic. Also in early April, a daily record of deaths was recorded – 954 patients with coronavirus died.

In the last ten days, the incidence does not exceed 10,000 per day. On Monday, the minimum increase in coronavirus cases since February 1 was recorded – 2,525 people.

The total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Poland since the start of the pandemic stands at 2,805,756. The overall death toll in the country is 68,105.

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