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Police Appeal for Ganesh Festival

Goa Police has appealed to people to be careful and take a few precautions during the Ganesh festival that will commence on Saturday.
Hindus celebrate Ganesh at their ancestral houses and therefore many of them living in apartments in cities and towns lock the same to visit their ancestral houses wherever they are.
As the houses are locked, and many neighbouring occupants not being there, it is bonanza for thieves and the number of housebreaking cases spiral during this period.

Hence, South Goa Deputy Superintendent of Police Umesh Gaonkar appealed to people who will be locking their houses and going away during the period to inform the police about the location of the houses while also requesting the neighbours to keep a watch.
He said based on the response from the public, police will intensify patrolling, particularly during the night in areas where most of the houses will be locked.


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