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Police-Drug Dealer Nexus Investigations

Ayala, Zarina Appear Before Crime Branch
The two women – Ayala and Zarina – who carried out the sting operation against Police Sub-Inspector Sunil Gudlar on Tuesday visited the Crime Branch of Goa Police to record their statements.
The duo were reportedly engaged by an Israeli media house to carry out the operation to prove that Goa Police were involved in selling narcotics.
Ayala who is Dudu’s sister has reportedly submitted two photographs to the Crime Branch to prove that her brother was housed in a cabin next to then Superintendent of Police heading the Anti Narcotic Cell, Veenu Bansal’s cabin.

The photographs show Dudu in a white sleeveless T-shirt is holding a piece of paper with 1st March 2010 written on it, thereby proving that on that particular date, Dudu was not in the lock-up but in a cabin in Police Headquarters.
Dudu’s girlfriend Zarina Mazhrunova, the other woman in the video also gave her statement to the Crime Branch. Zarina reportedly helped the police transcribe the conversation as their accented English was difficult to follow for the Goan sleuths.
She is supposed to have made a startling revelation that CCTV cameras were fitted outside Dudu’s residence and the footage of 21st February when Dudu was arrested would help the investigations.
While revealing that she was with Dudu the whole day, she narrated the arrest drama and further stated that while initially the police had threatened to arrest her too, they subsequently assured her that Dudu would be released within two hours.
Zarina has named Sunil Gudlar and Veenu Bansal being present outside Dudu’s house when he was arrested and also stated that there was another senior officer whom she could identify but whose name she did not know.
She also stated that another couple that was travelling with her and Dudu were driven away from the scene by the police who threatened to arrest them too. She however, did not name this couple.
She asserted that the footage from the CCTV cameras fitted outside Dudu’s house would give more details.

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